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Wulfric. A gnome needing no introduction. A man of small stature and towering ambitions. From the shores of Broderick to the frozen reaches of Sinn, across the Gulf of Wemyss and through the halls of Coppergard to the very apex of Madcap—wherever you hear rumors of fantastic treasures, rest assured Wulfric can’t be too far behind.

Famed for his exploits and expeditions, Wulfric is equally renowned for his acquisitiveness and exceptionally poor impulse control (even by gnomish standards). Treasure’s all well and good as long as you have place to put it, but Wulfric persists in bringing home more of the former even as the latter dwindles.

Here at the bazaar, Wulfric’s bounty is your bargain. You’ll find all manner of garb, t-shirts and gewgaws this gnomish treasure hunter has traveled the world to acquire and promptly forget, leaving them gathering dust in his many warehouses. And you can get them all for mere pence on the sovereign.

But should your path ever cross with Wulfric’s, whether he’s seeking the crown jewels of ancient empires or affordable summer-weight cloaks, and should he ask you where you found that fine doublet or your enchanted pen-knife—whatever you do, don’t tell him that you got it here.

And for gods’ sakes, under no circumstances should you let him talk you into selling it back to him. Trust us, it’s for his own good.

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